Baked Applesr Breakfast

I was delighted to be featured this month, on the first programme of the new series The Food Chain, making Baked Apples for breakfast, for my guests.

I love to provide something warm in the Winter months and this is so quick and easy; just butter a baking dish, core the apples (leave the skin on) and fill with a nugget  of butter, a spoonful honey and I like to include the honeycomb, any fruits and nuts, and your favourite spices, maybe a little nutmeg or cinnamon.

Pour some liquid into the baking tray, I use homemade Eldeflower Cordial but I have also used apple juice, this keeps the apples from drying out.

Pop into the oven (about 150 fan) for 20-30 minutes and serve warm with plain yogurt or thick cream. I usually poach some extra pieces of apple poached in fruit juice with any spare syrup from the cooked apples.IMG_0326.JPG



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