Our delightful guest Daniel Blajan has written a charming book about his garden, called
“Foxgloves and Hedgehog Days”. I was so taken by the gentle tales of plants and wildlife I bought several copies for Christmas presents, and everyone I gave it to asked for another copy. (Amazon!).

In the book Daniel gives a recipe for birdfood which is a great success. The blackbirds in the front garden like the fatballs put on the garden, while the sparrows in the back garden prefer it in a net hanging up. We have several families in the honeysuckle. This Winter has been so cold and frozen,andour birds deserve a treat. The fatballs must be delicious because they are gone in a couple of days so I make a big batch and keep them in the fridge.

Here is what you need; quantities depend on how much you want to make;

Suet or lard
shelled unsalted peanuts
sunflower seeds
pine nuts
raisins and chopped apricots
dried meal worms
chopped apples
Any other seeds, nuts or fruit you might want to throw in, but NO SALT in anything,

Plastic or rubber gloves, a saucepan and I put them in cupcake papers so less mess.

Put on the gloves, and chop everything up. In the saucepan soften the lard, don’t get it too hot or completely liquid. Mix in all the other ingredients and when cool, form into balls with your hands. About the size of a gold ball or a little bigger. leave to cool and store in the fridge.
Daniel ties them in a net, I just put them in a holder or on the garden. And don’t forget to always have water available too. You will have very happy garden birds.IMG_2457


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